User & Safety Information

To ensure users of our INCOBlue® AdBlue® are equipped with the full knowledge on the usage, we have compiled a list of guidelines to help you achieve optimal productivity.

a) Dos

  • Refill your INCOBlue® AdBlue® before it runs low
  • Ensure you buy from licensed manufacturers registered under VDA and produce according to ISO 222 41 standards
  • Prevent fuel, oil, water, dust, dirt, etc from entering the AdBlue® tank
  • Use dedicated tank for the storage of INCOBlue® AdBlue®
  • Store AdBlue® between 30 degrees Celsius and -11 degrees Celsius

b) Don’ts

  • Don’t wait for your INCOBlue® AdBlue® to run out before you refill
  • Don’t buy from non-VDA certified manufacturers
  • Don’t add water or any other compounds into the AdBlue®
  • Don’t add water directly into the SCR system, it will damage the SCR system
  • Don’t store INCOBlue® AdBlue® in areas of direct sunlight or rain


  • Clean the pump nozzle regularly and make sure no foreign material gets in
  • Ensure proper winding of the pump hose and replace if nicked

Shelf Life

INCOBlue® AdBlue® has a typical shelf life of 12 months if stored under proper storage conditions. Always store AdBlue® away from direct sunlight and rain.

Cost Efficiencies

Average consumption rate of INCOBlue® AdBlue® is between 3 – 5% of diesel. With better emission through the combination of INCOBlue® AdBlue® and SCR technology, fuel consumption is also reduced overall. Thus, AdBlue® is NOT an additional cost but an important solution that assist in the reduction of cost while protecting the environment.

Safety Information

As INCOBlue® AdBlue® is not-hazardous and non-toxic, it will not harm the user or environment. In any case where INCOBlue® AdBlue® comes into contact with the skin, wash with soap and rinse with plenty of water. If ingested, do not induce vomiting and drink plenty of water. If inhaled, move away to a place with fresh air. If INCOBlue® AdBlue® gets into your eyes, remove any contact lenses and flush your eyes under running water. For all these cases, if you continue to feel unwell, get medical attention immediately.

For more information on the safe handling to INCOBlue® AdBlue®, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provided by Innoco Oil.